Interactive Harmony SS2019

From supportive contributions among leading Thai influencers such as designers, material suppliers, tanneries, and related associations, STYLE 2018 presents ‘Interactive Harmony’ Spring-Summer 2019 Trend Forum. Interactive Harmony is consisted of 4 outstanding trends. Each focuses on philosophical and psychological changes in contemporary ASEAN consumers, and their distinctive attempts at experiencing harmonious and balanced urban lives.

Sensorial Familiarity demonstrates the use of senses to recall memories, and to induce emotional connections between consumers and products.

Traveller’s Spirits explores the pleasure of experiencing, within the post-modern world, possibilities for new experiences are limitless.

Homo Genus is an effort to purify and simplify the daily existence from over-stimulation of modern technology.

Symbolical Discussion suggests the forming of meaningful bonds with target groups, through authentic communication means and recognition of exclusive conversations.