Traveller’s Spirits

The infinite possibilities of the present time, give us the comforting ideas of a multicultural and connected world. Urban individuals often neglect the chances to experience more, as we take those chances for granted. Although the idea of travelling induce excitement, numerous occasions are lost in the cliché of time scarcity. But, at times the traveller’s spirits encourage to discover and explore.

In the time of happening future, the age of change, the real seeking is not for innovation, instead for deeper meanings and new experiences. Over looking ahead, some prefer to look around. In despite of not being in a new environment or different country, people still manage to find excitement in novelty. The practice of urban nomadism is to dash from one thrill to another, from trying out exotic cuisines to buying displaced pieces of culture, all in comfort, the city has to offer. Often the satisfaction could easily be retained, through predigested fragments of experience.

Shapes The relaxed and simple shapes are more present for the motive of practicality and versatility. The practical simple silhouettes make daily usage simpler. Most practical outerwear silhouettes were kept the same, as they fit better to everyday use.

  • Practical
  • Versatile
  • Easy-going

Materials Historical, classic, or contemporary patterns and motifs, in combinations, provide abundance variations of archival effects. Through flexible usage of references and inspirations, the contrast of materials come naturally, encourage the ideas of cultural melting pot.

  • Archival Combinations
  • Cultural Melting Pot
  • Eclectic References

Details Exaggeration of functional details on outerwear are presented throughout the trends, both in number and size. The placement of contrasting graphic of prints or patterns could be done with more ease.

  • Exaggerated Outerwear Details
  • Effortless Contrast

Colors The palette offers many alternatives for saturations and tones. When used in combination, the dynamic rearrangement and alteration of natural colors, giving the sense of freshness and naivety without being overly feminine.