Symbolical Discussion

As counteractive measures to naïve over-consuming mindsets, the past years, the customer showed drastic increase of interest in their consuming behavior and its effects. The dynamic, between consumer and brand, has been in constant adjustment in the hope of finding middle grounds, to keep up with each other’s challenges. The expanding awareness in the society is contributing additional complexity to the dynamic shifts. The traditional unilateral relationship became outdated, and replaced by a more consumer-centric dialectic.

The authenticity displayed by the brand, through its products and actions, is continuously monitored by the new consumption style. The philosophy and values are no longer fantastical and self-indulgent, but rather perception disputable by consumers. As promising luxuries, customers are demanding for authenticity, sincerity, and recognition. Brands need to be coherent and present within inner circles, rather than just providing trendy products. From constant exploitation of meaningful messages, the effectiveness decreased. Through higher intellectual and subtle methodology, the brand could spark a light-hearted and intimate conversation that is engaging to the targeted audience. With coherent use of semiotics and the commitment to the values, it’s possible to create stronger emotional impact, and keep relevance in the market.

Shapes The shapes are very experimental, through the experimentation with proportion play starting with classic shapes in mind. Recreating classic silhouettes with unconventional material could result with bold and distinctive shapes.

  • Experimental
  • Proportion Play
  • Distinctive

Materials Rethinking classic textiles through innovations and experimentation. Daring and eye-catching fabrics could be used for the sake of its effects alone. Misusage and Mismanagement of fabrics for the attire may also be presented.

  • Daring
  • Eye-catching
  • Misusage

Details The practice of using symbolism and hidden meanings could communicate best as subtle gestures. By utilizing technical details for decorative purposes, the functional aspect remains the echoing theme within the trends for the season.

  • Subtle Gestures
  • Decorative Utilization of Technical Details

Colors like through other applications of this trend, the colors palette remains dashing with personalities. The energetic naturalized neon colors in combination with deep and rich version of themselves, create a vigorous color story.